Building a UtiliTear Teardrop is like building a big model.


at about HALF the WEIGHT of a traditional Teardrop!  Easily towable by today's toy cars and light enough to be handily maneuvered manually. Customizing your trailer to suit your needs is a snap, the light weight removable pop top, rear hatch and galley make way for cargo. The adaptable,  design makes the UtiliTear Teardrop your perfect choice for life's multitasking.

Let it be LIGHT

The UtiliTearTD Trailer shell is made 


At approximately 1/5 the weight of PLYWOOD, our designs are much lighter than a conventional TearDrop construction. Multiwall is commonly used as roofing and hurricane protection so it's tough. Yet easy to cut, bend and drill supported by a frame of wood, foam, fabric, steel rods and aluminum tubing that tallies to a  lightweight, screw together design that's tough and tough to screw up. 

Fast and Easy Assembly

UtiliTear Teardrops are easily and expeditiously assembled. Just cut along the dotted line and the solid wood frame parts are ready to assemble. United by aluminum tubing, PVC and polycarbonate plastic with glue, threaded rod, nuts, carriage bolts and screws - all designed so there is 

no welding required!

We've done all the drawing, shopping and planning!

CAD Drawings and Architectural Prints


Every curve to be cut is part of the plan. 

Glue on templates are supplied for all curved parts eliminating the need for any technical drawing. All straight cut measurements are done in the adjusting of the saw fence or rip guide. Just apply the part template to the wood with a spray tac, then simply cut and drill along the indicated markers. Each part fits together with its adjoining part. Layouts are provIded to get the most out of the lumber with 

minimal waste. 

Shopping. Done.


When you are ready to start, 

simply order by clicking on the links provided on the order page. The UtiliTearTD is constructed of commonly available materials assuring no problem of availability. Most Home Depots will deliver everything to your door for $45. OR print and submit the supplied list to your local suppliers.


Step by step

The how-to is right in your hand.

Easy to follow step by step instructions guide you though the project from beginning to end. Each part template has its own instructions right on it, to help guide you through a mistake free experience.

ready to Assemble.

utilitear SHOW ROOM

Utilitear 2K+



4 x 8

Open Canopy.


A minute to set up, this low profile front access top popper has plenty of head room with just enough bed room. Canopy can be completely removed for utility purposes. Dual rear hatch design and flip up side tables create plenty of surface to enjoy more than a can of peas.

Big and tall

Ham it up.


Shaped and Inspired by classic.  Our Mini Canned Ham has a rear hatch and galley like a traditional teardrop. Six feet wide, able to fit a full size mattress, enough elbow room to tickle your ribs.

mini ham can plan

Make first contact.


You are the Captain of your destiny, exploring galaxies, star gazing cocooned in the comfort of your quarters on an M class planet called home.  Shuttle your geek within by trekking yourself with a homage to a universally loved vision of the future.


make it your business

Get the attention you seek.

Whether advertising your wares or for self expression, brand your trailer with custom graphics.

Design services available. 

custom design